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December 9, 2011 / berniespang

Workload Optimized Systems need to be optimized for required qualities of service, too

I really, really was planing to get onto a different topic for this week’s post.  But I was fortunate to be invited to a consulting session this week with a group of analysts that focus on the server market (among other things).    The discussion helped expand my thinking re:  Workload Optimized Systems.

Achieving simplicity and cost efficiency by using systems optimized for each type and mix of workload means considering required qualities of service along with functional and information characteristics of the workload.  For example, the functional and information characteristics of a workload could be the same – but the qualities of service needed are likely different for running it in a research sandbox, a development environment, a test environment, or a production environment.   Different requirements on performance, reliability, security, scalability, etc. affect your choice of server – even if the software function and information structures remains consistent.

For those of you who have ever asked why IBM offers 3 different server lines – System x, Power Systems and System z – the above is one way to answer that question.  IBM systems offer a range of qualities of service levels so that our clients can meet their service level needs – from modest to the most extreme – without overpaying for more than is needed.  In fact, I just recalled a discussion with a client that standardized on DB2 database software so they could use System x in development, deploy initially on Power Systems and then move workload to System z when ready to expand to their global deployment.

Anyone disagree with this expanded view of workload optimization – or have an additional dimension we should also consider?


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