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January 9, 2012 / berniespang

My Christmas presents from Steve Jobs

I have to offer my thanks to Steve Jobs for my favorite gifts this Christmas.

First, for my new iPhone.  A very exciting change from my 4 year old “other device.”    My hat’s off to Steve and the team at Apple for creating such a great product.

But more importantly, I am thankful for the gift of his biography.  While it was bought and wrapped for me by my daughter, this gift started with Steve’s decision to share his story with all of us while he was able to contribute to it personally.

Reading it over the holiday break was not only entertaining, it gave me several insights and a renewed inspiration for my role at IBM.  It is that last part for which I am most grateful.    It is a heck of gift as we start the new year.

Assuming there is no off switch…  Thank you, Steve


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