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February 10, 2012 / berniespang

Informix helps businesses of all sizes around the world save money and grow

I have found that most people  in the database software arena have no idea how much Informix software continues to helps organizations of various sizes and industries around the world.  Since I started this blog as a means to communicate both my views on database software and systems, and the truths about this part of the IBM portfolio, I believe it is incumbent upon me to do some education on this subject.

Case studies posted in just last year…

Reliable and Efficient Geographically Distributed Data Grids

  • ColCeramica (Columbia)

ERP system for manufacturing and distribution… Cognos software for analytics… 1/2 DBA for Informix grid across 16 distribution centers… 50% faster than Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server in POC testing… Partner: IT Consultings

  • Federacio Famaceutica (Spain)

Pharmaceutical distribution system with Informix grid across 6 processing centers and 7 physical warehouses…30% reduction in hardware and DBA time required… IBM Power Systems and Global Financing.. Business Partner: Deister

  • Mcleod Russel India (India)

The world’s largest tea producer needed to improve systems up-time across its 50-plus tea gardens to enable accurate tracking of harvest, production and marketing of up to 100 million kilos of tea per year… 300+ endpoints…. 100% up-time… 90% faster performance… <1yr ROI

  • Automercados Plaza’s (Venezuala)

Family owned grocery store chain uses InfoSphere software to integrated Informix-based retail sales consolidation system with SAP… 30% revenue growth and 35% reduction of product loss… across 15 stores + corporate systems… with the help of partner IT Consultings

Modernized Web/Mobile/Cloud access

  • Bockmann Fahrzeugwerke (Germany)

Partner Adaptris used Informix Genero to update the user interface of a trusted systems in 2 weeks… improved employee productivity to handle business growth.

  • In case you missed my last post re: Mitchell & McCormick  (US) health care provider solution via the cloud with Genero

“Set it and forget it” easy and reliable

  • National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (Isreal)

100% up time… easy to administer

  • Small retailer (India)

Not a public one I can point you to, but another great example..  in 3 weeks Partner Avanti Software added Informix support to their retail management system… then in 3 days updated a client with 2 stores that avg 300 transactions per day.    The former SQL Server based solution required DBA skills the retailer did not have or could afford.   Informix hands free data management met their needs.

Deep compression reduces storage costs

  • Cleartech (Brazil)

Telecomm billing system with avg 12B call records / mo…  data retention requirements growing from 1 to 5 years – to 11TB… Informix data compression avoids $1.8M of new storage… 69% better performance.. back-ups from 8 to 2.5 hrs.. reports 30% faster… thanks to the work of  partner MC Software

Data Warehousing for Business Analytics

  • Superior Manufacturing Group (US)

Family owned Floor matting products provider  increases efficiency and profitability by using Cognos Express integrated with Informix based custom ERP apps… thanks to the work of partner One Point Solutions.

TimeSeries for Smart meter & sensor data management

  • Coldset Printing Partners (Belgium)

Commercial printing plant reduces energy consumption by 10% with Energcon solution using Informix TimeSeries

  • AMT-Sybex (Ireland)

AMT-Sybex partners with IBM Research and IBM Informix teams to deliver unprecedented performance and efficiency handling Smart Meter data.

Read more about Informix TimeSeries and the 100M Meter benchmark with AMT-Sybex


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