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March 4, 2012 / berniespang

IBM Information Champions help clients succeed

Have you seen the video: The Fillmore Group on JP Morgan’s successful migration from Oracle to IBM, with Information Champions Frank Fillmore and Kim May?  It is a great story about how DB2 helped lower cost and complexity while increasing reliability for mission critical Web applications.  But is also a great example of the value of IBM Information Champions – to our clients and to the community.

The IBM Champion program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community — and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence.

You can read more IBM Champion stories at Mastering Data Management – e.g., from Informix Champion Lester Knutsen; DB2 Champion Dave Beulke; and one of our newest Champions, co-founder, president and CEO of TerraEchos, Alex Philp.

Alex’s story is an interesting example of taking on new generation Big Data challenges:

TerraEchos began by analyzing pressure waves with the US Navy. All events – in the air, on land or even subterranean – create waves that can be translated into digital acoustic signals. These signals produce incredible amounts of unstructured data at very fast speeds…

But it’s more than just computations: InfoSphere Streams and TerraEchos truly manage the information, and do so incredibly quickly, at a pace of 300 MB/second.  That velocity is essential for the “in motion” part of the equation. After all, in security matters, you don’t have time to stop and analyze static data. And, Alex noted, that adds a layer of complexity, “that most people are not quite dealing with yet.”

The technical expertise these professionals bring to bear on projects is obviously critical to the success of their companies and their customers.  What might not be as obvious is the impact their contributions are having on the community.  Many of the Champions have been recognized for the education they offer their peers though articles, books, conference sessions, user group meetings or teaching classes.   By sharing their time, experience and success stories, they are strengthening the entire community and influencing the success of others.

You can search for Champions by area of expertise at IBM developerWorks.


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