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April 3, 2012 / berniespang

Meeting the Needs of a New Generation of Data Management: IBM unveils DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10

Made in IBM Labs: New IBM Software Accelerates Decision Making in the Era of Big Data

For a product segment that was supposed to be a boring commodity, there sure is a lot of excitement about new data systems this year.  Ok, to be fair, the excitement about data systems is among those of us in the information technology business who appreciates what these systems do for an organization.  And what they do for our clients and partners is…

Save valuable time and money

Pick your favorite demand(s) – e.g., handle the explosive growth of data, analyze big data, do more with less – it all boils down to do more, faster and for less money.

As I have been writing, picking the right type of system for each of your data management challenges has a big impact on your ability to achieve those goals.  It is also true about picking the right system when a relational database or warehouse is the best choice for your needs.

The idea that these are “commodity” systems may have some merit for applications with modest requirements.  But when an organization’s operations and competitive advantage depends on them, the performance, simplicity, and cost differences among your choices can have a tremendous business impact.

I invite you to learn more at our virtual conference event:
“The Future of Database and Data Warehouse Software“  

  • An industry perspective from analyst Colin White, President BI research
  • A tour of new features from Tim Vincent, CTO, IBM Information Management
  • The business impact of doing more, faster, for less from an early access program client (video and case study)
  • Several sessions about new feature details from the product teams
  • An opportunity for live Q&A with experts at the virtual expo hall

A quick sample of the new capabilities that have caused excitement among early access clients, partners and even industry analysts:

  • Performance boost for software that was already a market leader – an early access partner measured approx. 10x faster warehouse queries than the previous version
  • New Multi-Temperature Data Management and Adaptive Compression that  advances leading data compression capabilities to free space for growing data – overall compression up to 90% seen among early access program clients and partners
  • Enhanced availability, simplified scalability and geographically dispersed clusters with enhanced DB2 pureScale
  • Easier integration of information and insights from non-SQL/relational data (NoSQL) – simplified integration with Hadoop-based systems and New built-in RDF Graph data management, along with the built-in native XML data management, pureXML, introduced in DB2 9
  • New Time Travel Query eliminates costly application code currently required to get answers at any point in time – past, present and future.  (those of you already on DB2 10 for z/OS should be familiar with this feature)

For more details you should also watch for what my colleagues Conor O’Mahony and Larry Weber have to say about the new software.

And for those of you hungry for more product news excitement – and for ways to do even more, faster and for less – you should attend another important IBM event on April 11 to learn about new Expert Integrated Systems from IBM.


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