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April 4, 2012 / berniespang

Effective and efficient data management is about more than the database management system

I have been writing a lot about the different data management systems organizations can use today to get the most value from available information.   But there are other capabilities that complement these systems are also important for delivering top performance, reliability, security and cost efficiency.

For example in the areas of:


  • Speeding time to market and enhance compliance by modeling data assets and automating database design processes
  • Empowering developers to write high-quality code more rapidly using optimized frameworks


  • Centralizing database health monitoring and job management
  • Tuning queries for best performance
  • Using reliable change management to alter objects, permissions and dependencies
  • Automating upgrades and data migrations


  • Improving cross-team collaboration with processes that span database, application and data access requirements
  • Increase data quality and consistency with shared policies, models and metadata
  • Simplifying team integration with a common, integrated environment for multiple roles

To help organizations balance the increasing information-driven demands, IBM provides a set of solutions to help them optimize performance, improve availability, increase productivity and maximize efficiency of their data environments – for DB2, IMS and Informix across all system platforms.    Given this week’s announcement, I should call out….

Advanced Database Management Solutions for DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse
for Linux, UNIX and Windows

These solutions help organizations better their daily challenges and simplify:

  • Database Development and Administration
  • Performance Management and Optimization
  • Problem Recovery and Resolution

Many of these capabilities are included in the advanced editions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse at a very attractive price.  If interested in how this value stacks up, I suggest you read the

ITG report that compares the costs and benefits of employing DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition with Oracle Database 11g.

  • Average 41% lower license and support costs
  • Average 20% lower infrastructure costs, including server and storage systems
  • Average 26% personnel investment freed to work projects that deliver new business value
  • = Average 37% lower combined costs


Another good read is “Managing the Data Lifecycle” by Holly Hayes.


So basically I am saying that you should use all the best tools available to you to:

  1. Get the most value from available information
  2. Optimize your environment for performance, reliability, security and cost efficiency
  3. Empower your team to deliver greater value to your organization

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