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May 9, 2012 / berniespang

Welcome to the new IBM Information Management Champions

I was at a family gathering this weekend where I had the opportunity to talk to a  friend who is also now in a leadership role at a large technology company.   Our discussion about the growing availability and use of  information reenforced my belief that we are experiencing an exciting evolution in the business world that is having a profound global impact.  But most of our discussion was not about technology, it was about global skills availability and growth.  I had a very similar conversation the day before with one of my neighbors who is also in a technology leadership position.

Thinking about this topic on the drive in this morning, I recalled that am overdue in publicly welcoming new members of our IBM Champions program.  IBM Champions are IT professionals and educators who make significant contributions to their communities: evangelizing IBM solutions, sharing technical knowledge and expertise, and growing and nurturing independent communities.

We recently expanded the set of Information Management Professionals in the IBM Champion program to 158 Champions across 28 countries.  My thanks to all of these folks who contribute their time and talent to strengthen and expand their professional communities.

Given the global need for these skills.. and the need to develop individuals for well paying jobs, there is a tremendous opportunity for educators and experienced mentors to help grow a new generation of Information Management professionals and data scientists.

P.S.  For anyone noticing the drop off in my blogging pace lately, we can blame spring fever and my need to spend time at family events… and on my yard and golf game.   (I have lots of work to do on the latter to keep up with my son!)


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