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November 2, 2012 / berniespang

Introducing the new PureData System

For those who may have noticed,  I should explain my long absence from this blog.   For the better part of this year my team and I have been “heads down” on preparing for and executing the introduction of the new IBM PureData System.  Not having much time to spare was only a part of my excuse.  The real reason was lack of energy and inspiration to write even one more piece beyond what was needed for the launch and for the IOD 2012 Conference last week..

Now that both events are behind us, it is time for me to get back on track….

IBM PureData System

PureData System is the newest member of the IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems I wrote about in April.  It is offered in 3 models that deliver optimized performance for transactional, analytic and reporting, and operational analytic workloads.   As an expert integrated system, each PureData System model is integrated software, hardware and built-in expertise that simplify the entire system life cycle – from procurement through retirement.

PureData System provides an efficient, high-performance and high-scale data platform – delivering data services needed for different types of transactional and analytic application workloads.   Providing these values for data services needed for different types of applications requires software and hardware that are designed, integrated and tuned specifically for each type.  Typically, organizations spend their valuable time and resources to design systems of general purpose components and then procure, integrate, configure, tune, manage and maintain each system for its specific use.  PureData System dramatically reduces time, cost and risk when deploying and maintaining  these systems.

  • PureData for Transactions:  integrates DB2 pureScale to deliver high-available, high-throughput transaction database clusters that easily scale without the need to tune the application or database.  This PureData System is available in 3 size configurations and can be used to consolidate more than 100 database servers.
  • PureData for Analytics:  is powered by Netezza technology and is the newly enhanced replacement to the Netezza 1000 (formerly known as TwinFin).  It is optimized for simplicity and performance for analytics and reporting data warehouses.  This new model delivers 20x concurrency and throughput for tactical queries compared to the previous version Netezza technology, and offers the industry’s richest library of in-database analytics functions.
  • PureData for Operational Analytics:  integrates InfoSphere Warehouse software for operational data warehousing that can support continuous  data ingest and more than 1000 concurrent operational queries, while balancing resources for predictable analytics performance.   It also delivers DB2’s adaptive compression which has been used by clients to achieve up to 10x storage space savings.  This PureData System model is a new generation that replaces the Smart Analytics System 7700.

Note:  Previous blog re: different types of data warehouse workloads.

DB2 Analytics Accelerator and the new zEnterprise Analytics System

And if that were not enough, we have also integrated the power and simplicity of Netezza technology with the reliability and security of System z to deliver cost efficient, high-performance analytics and operational analytics on data manages by DB2 for z/OS.   System z clients now have the opportunity to greatly simplify and reduce cost of analyzing their most critical business data.

  • DB2 Analytics Accelerator:  The same Netezza technology that powers the PureData System for Analytics, also powers the newly enhanced DB2 Analytics Accelerator which integrates with DB2 for z/OS for high performance analytics – without modifying applications or the database.  The new High-performance Storage Saver capability reduces demand on System z storage space without sacrificing performance.
  • zEnterprise Analytics System:   combines the new zEnterprize EC12 and DB2 Analytics Accelerator for a hybrid system that merges capabilities optimized for different workloads in a single, highly reliable, and secure system.  The zEnterprise Analytics System 9700 and 9710 models have now replaced the Smart Analytics System 9700 and 9710.

That’s a good (re-)start… I will save my IOD 2012 recap for next week to make sure I get back on my weekly pace.

PS.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those still suffering the effects of Sandy.


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  1. stevemink / Nov 2 2012 12:53 pm

    Clients of IBM System z with the DB2 Analytics Accelerator are changing the way they run their business, moving less data, spending less time optimizing the most expensive queries, and running batch 24×7 because the queries are no longer “long-running” or burning precious MIPs.

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