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April 28, 2013 / berniespang

BLU Acceleration marks the begining of a new generation for big data analytics

I would imagine you are thinking that headline is a pretty bold statement.    And when I tell you that BLU Acceleration is an exciting capability being introduced in the new DB2 this quarter, you may think it bolder still.

If you have not read any of my past blogs, you may be asking “what does database software have to do with Big Data?”   The most important thing to remember is that meeting today’s “big data” challenges requires different types of systems that use different technologies for managing and analyzing different data in different ways.  This is why the world now has a diverse set of NoSQL systems that have been added to the traditional SQL database systems.    And this why IBM has added new systems (e.g., for Stream and Hadoop processing) as well as new NoSQL capabilities added to SQL systems (e.g., XML and RDF Graph database adds to DB2, and TimeSeries and Spatial database capabilities in Informix.)

In a recent discussion with an industry analyst, I was surprised to learn  that he considers in-memory, columnar management of a SQL relational database to also be NoSQL.    He revised my definition of NoSQL to be – Not Only traditional row-based relational data management via SQL.  And so with the introduction of BLU Acceleration in the new DB2, it becomes a NoSQL data system for another reason.  BLU Acceleration  is dramatically easier and faster for analytics on terabytes of data.  For many organizations, this enables cost effective analytics of more data and for more users.

In his blog, consultant  and IBM Champion Dave Buelke called BLU Acceleration – Best yet for Big Data!  He asserts that there are cases where Hadoop systems are being used or considered for analyzing data, where using BLU Acceleration will be a more simple and lower cost solution.   (Note: neither he nor I am asserting this is true for all Hadoop uses cases.  The point is – no one technology, including Hadoop, is the best answer for all needs.)

I invite you to learn more by joining our web broadcast  on April 30   You can also attend or follow the International DB2 User Group conference which will be held in Orlando Florida this week.

Speaking of User Groups,  my thanks to the International Informix User Group team that hosted their conference this past week in San Diego.  It was great meeting with members of this community and seeing both new and familiar faces among the attendees.  A lot of positive feedback about the enhanced capabilities in the new Informix 12.   This includes extending the use of Dynamic In-memory (technology shared with BLU Acceleration) for TimeSeries data – simplifying and accelerating operation analysis and reporting of growing smart meter and sensor data.

For more Big Data stories and to add your thoughts, I encourage you to join the conversation at the Big Data Hub.


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